So… Apparently I am not ninja enough! You’re here… now what?

Ok ok ok so you probably heard of some of my work and you are here looking for me…

But things aren’t that easy… I am a busy man and frankly rarely take on new clients due to the amount of work my current clients give me. So, to make things simple look in the menu bar above. If there is a form to contact me, then by all means fill it out and I’ll get back to you ASAP. If not, that means I am booked and I am not for hire at this time.

No worries, check back about the 2nd week of each month. That’s when I normally open shop up if I find it necessary. I may sound egotistical with all this but things are the way they are. I don’t waste your time sending me messages and I don’t waste time trying to squeeze you into my schedule. If you don’t like that attitude then I am not the guy for you. However, I deliver some of the best results in the industry and by finding me, you likely saw my work and want to hire me.